Title I STAR (Strategies That Achieve Results)

What is Title I?

STAR is a school-wide Title I program that provides students access to Strategies That Achieve Results in Language Arts and Math classes that help meet individual student needs and increase understanding of the material being taught.

Our goal is that all LHC seventh-grade students successfully transition from elementary school to middle school and continue to grow as lifelong readers, thinkers, and learners through eighth grade and beyond.

Lynhurst 7th and 8th Grade Center follows the parent involvement guidelines in accordance with the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 and distributes this policy to all parents/guardians via ParentSquare. This document is also available at all STAR events.

Student Responsibilities

Lynhurst Students Pledge to…

  • read every day using the platform of their choice.
  • be ready to learn and bring necessary materials, such as a charged Chromebook and writing utensils, and completed assignments to class daily.
  • know and follow school rules and classroom procedures by exhibiting Leadership, Honor, and Courage.
  • demonstrate appropriate digital citizenship by following Wayne Township’s Acceptable Use Policy.
  • set high expectations and apply Wayne’s Habits of Success to maximize both academic and personal potential, building respect and a positive attitude towards school, self, and others.
  • discuss struggles and successes with guardians, teachers, and other mentors in order to become more successful in school.
  • seek assistance from guardians, teachers, counselors, and peer mentors in regards to social and academic concerns.
  • participate in Student Led Conferences, extracurricular activities such as athletics, clubs, and other events at LHC.

Caregiver Responsibilities

Lynhurst Guardians Pledge to…

  • encourage their student to read every day on any platform.
  • ensure that their student attends school.
  • monitor student progress and completion of assignments by providing a quiet time and place for homework and study.
  • communicate the importance of education and learning by supporting school rules, classroom procedures, and Wayne’s Habits of Success.
  • encourage respect and a positive attitude towards school, self, and others.
  • participate in decision-making about their student’s education, regularly monitor their progress by engaging with Canvas (coming 2023-24) and Skyward Family Access, and communicate using ParentSquare as needed.
  • discuss struggles and celebrate successes with their student and teachers.
  • encourage their student to participate in extracurricular activities such as athletics, clubs, and events at LHC.
  • participate in LHC events such as Back- to-School Open House, PTO, Student Led Conferences, and BINGO for Books.

Staff Responsibilities

Lynhurst Staff Members Pledge to …

  • provide a safe and supportive learning environment.
  • provide instructional support to meet student needs and increase their understanding of the content in Language Arts and Math, using ILearn, HMH Growth Measure, and content-specific unit assessment data to guide instruction.
  • implement the adopted core curriculum for the MSD of Wayne Township: Language Arts – HMH Into Literature, Math – HMH Into Math, Science – McGraw Hill Inspire Science, Biology – Houghton McDougal Biology, Social Studies -TCI Social Studies Alive!.
  • provide strategies for computation and strengthening number sense in mathematics.
  • provide strategies for decoding, comprehending, and enjoying texts.
  • build students’ personal  libraries to encourage reading for pleasure.
  • foster students’ academic and personal growth by teaching Wayne’s Habits of Success and 21st Century skills to help students gather, synthesize, and communicate information effectively.
  • set high expectations and guide students to meet the Indiana College and Career Ready Standards
  • communicate frequently, in multiple formats, including participate in student progress.
  • participate in professional development opportunities that improve teaching, learning, and supporting partnerships with families and the community.


  • Back-to-School Open House
  • Slushie Social (Free slushies & books)!
  • Student-led Conferences
  • Valentine’s PTO Meeting (FREE cookies & books)
  • Basketball & Books
  • STEAM Night
  • International Festival
  • BINGO for Books (FREE books & prizes)
  • Annual Title I Planning (TIP) Meeting

Annual STAR Planning Meeting

Parents, guardians, and staff are encouraged to participate in the Title I Planning (TIP) Meeting each Spring to review and revise our Policy, Compact, and program priorities. The School Improvement Plan, Title I requirements, and the rights of parents are presented. This meeting provides participants with an opportunity to make decisions regarding the education of their students and is scheduled to partner with other school events, such as PTO meetings, to allow for times and locations that accommodate parent participation. At least two meeting options will be offered, in-person and/or virtually.

STAR Contact Information

LHC STAR Coordinator
Jessica Thompson

LHC Home/School Liaison
Kristin Casselman

District Title I Parent Office
Trevor Ewing
317-430-1176 (Cell)

District Title I Office
Stephen Gardner

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