Title I

What is Title I?

Title I is a federally funded program aimed at improving student achievement. Funds are allocated based on the demographics of the school or district. Title I at Lynhurst is a schoolwide program that aims to provide academic support to all 7th grade students. All 7th graders at Lynhurst receive supplemental support in the Language Arts classroom during the day.

Program Design

The Title I Program focuses on improving reading comprehension skills by incorporating:

  • Instructional support to meet students’ individual needs and increase understanding of the material being taught. At Lynhurst, each Language Arts class is taught by two highly qualified instructors.
  • 21st Century skills using technological tools and print materials to gather, synthesize, and communicate information.
  • Supplemental reading strategies for comprehending and decoding various kinds of text.
  • Ongoing parental communication.

Parent Responsibilities

Lynhurst Parents Pledge to…

  • Encourage their student to read every day.
  • Ensure that their student attends school.
  • Monitor student progress and completion of assignments by providing a quiet time and place for homework and study, limiting “screen time” as necessary.
  • Communicate the importance of education and learning by supporting school rules and classroom procedures and partnering with the school to encourage respect and a positive attitude towards school, self and others.
  • Participate in decision making about their child’s education.
  • Discuss struggles and celebrate successes with their student and teachers.
  • Volunteer and participate at LHC, including Back to School Open House, Parent Orientation Meeting, Student Led Conferences, Bingo for Books, International Festival, and PTO.

Student Responsibilities

Lynhurst Students Pledge to…

  • Read every day.
  • Be ready to learn and to bring necessary materials and completed assignments to class daily.
  • Know and follow school rules and classroom procedures.
  • Demonstrate appropriate digital citizenship by following Wayne Township’s Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Partner with the school to encourage respect and a positive attitude towards school, self and others.
  • Discuss struggles and successes with parents and teachers in order to become more successful in school.
  • Participate in Student Led Conferences.

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