(AVID)Advancement Via Individual Determination

Avid is a program for students who have their eyes & hearts set on going to college and are motivated to work hard to get there. AVID is a program to help you get into college and be prepared for success once you get there. AVID teaches strategies and skills to help students to be successful in high school and beyond.

All AVID students carry a binder to help improve organizational skills. AVID students take Cornell Notes in their classes to learn note taking and study skills. AVID students participate in Tutorial sessions in order to gain a deeper understanding of their classes while collaborating with fellow classmates and tutors.

In order to be in the AVID program, students must apply and complete an interview process. AVID interviews take place during the 2nd semester. All 7th grade students will be invited to an informational session to learn about the AVID program and benefits.

AVID Elective Teachers
Jimmy Angelov


Andy Aspaas